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Recruitment Consultant Jobs - So What Are The Best Sectors To Work In This Year?

Recruitment consultant jobs are available in most market sectors that you could possibly imagine. With the current upswing in the economy Read More

GSR2R Rec 2 Rec Testimonials

    It is always great to receive unsolicited testimonials like these two which arrived today! One was for Mike and Read More

Why Recruiters Need To Help Their Clients With Social Media

As recruiters most of us know the value of social media; as a recruitment to recruitment company we certainly do. Yet Read More

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Rec 2 Rec GSR2R’s October Referral Scheme – Win A Trip To New York

  Experiencing their most successful year to date and with a host of new clients, award winning London Rec2Rec Agency GSR2R have this month announced their biggest referral incentive yet; a New York trip for two. The prize includes two return flights to New York and three nights stay in The Standard, a luxurious boutique [...]

Why Recruiters Should Never Take Candidates At Face Value

  For most people, it is a natural human instinct to want to believe people, to trust what they say. However, as every recruiter knows through bitter experience, candidates will inevitably not tell the truth from time-to-time. They may be white lies, they may be great big whoppers, but you need to protect yourself as [...]

Why Google Is The Recruiter’s Best Friend

  Recruitment can often be quite ‘old school’. ‘Get on the phones and get some business!’ Is the cry that can be heard on sales floors across the UK. Quite right too, there’s no better way of bringing in business than the good old telephone. However, as we live in the digital age, it’s important [...]

The 3 Step Plan To Networking Success

  Networking is a fundamental part of modern business; especially in recruitment. However, there is a lack of training and resources available in comparison to things such as cold calling, social media skills and other types of business training. Perhaps it’s because people believe that to network is simply about turning up at an event [...]

Looking For Your Next Recruitment Role? Focus On The 4 Cs

  The rewards available for successful recruiters mean that it’s one of the most popular and sought after careers. If you’re looking for your next role in recruitment, you are going to be up against some serious competition. For this reason, it’s vital to have a plan of action. Focus on the 4 Cs, and [...]

4 Reasons To Change Your Perception On Resourcers

  There’s a common career path in recruitment. Whether an apprentice, graduate or career-changer, new staff often start out as resourcers. The resourcers role is varied including candidate sourcing, interviewing, candidate management, CRM database maintenance and general administration and QA compliance. As any recruitment consultant knows, they are only as good as the candidates they [...]

4 Books that Every Recruiter Should Own (and Read!)

  Recruitment is a tough business, and it’s not just important to get results, it’s vital that you continually get results- time and time again. Too often big billers can suddenly go off the boil, lose their way and struggle to bill a quarter of what they were once doing. This can be down to [...]