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How To be A Top Biller in 2016

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shutterstock_72272410 Why There Will Always Be Roles for Great People in Construction

A slowdown has hit the UK construction industry, shedding some doubt on last year’s upbeat predictions of a construction boom over the next decade. The UK construction sector hit a low in February, on the back of fears of a weakening economy and Brexit concerns. On the upside there are significant large scale projects ongoing […]

shutterstock_160768259-0 How To Position Yourself As The Best Trainee Recruiter!

With a new crop of graduates about to enter the workforce and many others considering a career change, there’s a huge amount of movement afoot in the recruitment industry. For those wanting to become a recruiter or are just starting out in the industry, there are some hints on how you can build the attitude […]

shutterstock_223763434 How Are You Handling Those Candidate and Client Objections?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every candidate we put forward accepted the job, and every client was instantly delighted with our talent pipeline, our fees, and our performance on each placement? Alas, this is an impossible dream. As a recruiter, you will always have to deal with objections-whether it’s a candidate unhappy with the company […]

shutterstock_70617409 Clients You Need to Fire!

While it’s always important in the recruitment business to develop a sales pipe line, it’s fair to say that not all clients are created equal. Therefore, your professional focus should be on those clients that you can serve the best, and who deliver great results for you in turn. The client-recruiter relationship should be a […]

shutterstock_150117305 Not All Recruitment Sectors Are The Same

“It’s not you, this sector has never been easy”. We’ve all heard it. In this case though, it might just be true. It’s very possible that your current recruiting difficulties aren’t about you at all. If you’re finding yourself struggling to find quality candidates or are regularly putting forward candidates that pull out at the […]

shutterstock_286784657 9 Signs It’s Time to Start Looking For A New Employer

It can be hard to make the big choice to move to a new recruitment company. You might wonder whether things will improve on their own, or if you should just stick it out to reach a certain milestone that will make your CV even more attractive.   Here are some of the key signs […]

shutterstock_129701267 Are You Using Social Media Effectively In Your Recruiting?

According to the 2015 Jobvite Recruiting Survey, 96% of recruiters are now using social recruiting to find candidates, but the question remains: Are you using it well? Recruiting across social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is now so ubiquitous that social hiring is considered an essential recruiting practice. And no wonder- social […]

shutterstock_166183277 HR Recruiting: The Huge Opportunity For Ambitious Recruiters

As the economy is still buoyant in the UK the outlook for recruitment company growth is still rosy. It’s often said that recruitment organisations can be the first business sector into a recession and also the first out! This is the natural cycle of business growth. Companies might downsize during ‘tough times’ as recruitment is […]

shutterstock_122797483 Why Ambitious Recruiters Are Moving To London and Cleaning Up

Read any modern or ancient fairy tale and you will often experience the story of the hero’s journey where the lead character goes off in search of fame and fortune normally to a land far far away. It’s a story, right? Well yes and no. It’s a common phenomenon that people who are keen to […]

shutterstock_340289375 Is It Time To Make Friends With That Internal Recruiter?

The rise of the internal recruiter has provoked consternation within some recruitment agencies over the last few years, and the two types of recruiter have traditionally been wary of each other. Yet as time goes on it is becoming clear that there are real opportunities arising from creating good relationships between agency recruiters and corporate […]