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#Christmasshopping  #Treatyourself At GSR2R we are known for our amazing incentives schemes and we are constantly looking for new ways to say Read More

shutterstock_420085330 Are Your Candidates Ready For Their Second Interview?

Your candidate has made it through to the second round of interviews and their prospects of success are looking good, Read More

Is It Really Worth Setting Goals This Year?

January is flying by isn’t it? For those of you that set goals, it’s definitely time to take stock of how Read More

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adverts-gsr2r Do Your Job Adverts Need Some Attention?

As a recruiter, writing job advertisements is a big part of your role- but crafting an engaging and informative, concise (but yet thorough) job ad is not always easy. What is all too easy, however, is falling into writing formulaic job adverts that are largely cut-and-paste jobs from the client’s company manual, and which overwhelmingly […]

sales-GSR2R 9 Sales Skills Every Recruiter Must Master

The recruitment landscape is changing, fast. Technology is changing the way we find candidates, manage our talent pool, and approach clients. The business landscape across the UK is also altering rapidly, with increased automation, Brexit uncertainty, and economic forces meaning that every recruiter needs to keep on their toes if they’re going to remain relevant. […]

Prize with branded logo Easter Quiz 2017

The GSR2R Easter quiz 2017 is Now Live!   Test your skills on this Easter themed anagram and you could be taking home not 1 but a whole selection of Hotel Chocolate Easter Eggs.       Tempted, then email Louise@gsr2r.com with your answer, or call 020 3889 1670. Here it is. BERNYTAUSNE All correct […]

shutterstock_506992069 How To Be The Most Likeable Recruiter In Your Agency

Being likeable at work has the power to transform your career prospects, your relationships with colleagues and clients, and your ability to attract and influence candidates. As a recruiter, likeability matters a great deal, and impacts on your success in pitching clients, placing candidates, and wooing passive candidates. It also greatly affects how well you […]

shutterstock_105307619 Hey Recruiter! Why You Need To Develop Your Personal Brand

Do you want to stand out from the crowd of recruiters in a competitive market? Do you want to attract top-level talent, including those elusive passive candidates who are quite happy in their current role? If the answer is yes (and I’d be worried if it were no), you really need to be developing your […]

shutterstock_568286440 6 Ways To Know If Your Current Recruitment Company Values You

With spring around the corner, now is a great time to look back on your goals for this year and evaluate where your career is heading. For those recruiters who were feeling undervalued at work last year and vowed to turn that around in 2017, it’s time to ask the all-important question: Have you succeeded […]

shutterstock_151589798 7 Challenges Facing Today’s Recruiter

The world of recruiting has rarely been so competitive. With over 4500 recruitment start-ups joining the UK market in 2016 alone and a major skills shortage making top talent scarce, recruiters have to be smarter, faster, and more skilled than ever to get ahead. Here are some common problems for recruiters (and how to overcome […]

shutterstock_173798813 Why Creating A Work Life Balance Produces Better Billing Results

Let’s get one thing straight. This article is not about convincing your manager to agree to a reduction in official working hours, or to allow you the flexibility of working from home. For most of us, sadly, that’s not going to happen.  But a better work-life balance is possible for every single one of us […]

shutterstock_336488126 6 Steps To Take Your Recruitment Career To The Next Level #howtogetpromoted

For some recruiters, the thrill of making placements and pitching new clients lasts for their entire career; for others, it changes as they start to focus on moving upwards or accepting a new challenge. Whether you want to advance to senior recruiter or billing management here are some of our top tips for getting on […]

shutterstock_118851619 How To Make Candidates Fall In Love With You This Year

  It’s never been so important to create a great relationship with your candidates. The skills shortage is gripping the UK and set to get worse, which means that the best passive candidates will need some coaxing to move away from employers who already reward them well. You’ll also need to be a master of […]