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Why Can’t Some Recruiters Recruit Their Own Talent ?

According to XPertHR, the average turnover of staff at companies in the UK in 2013 was 9.3%.  Specific figures Read More

Don’t Drop Your Fees

We’ve all been there. You’re chasing a vacancy and you’ve built up a really good relationship with the recruiting Read More

Essential Productivity Tools For Recruiters

Success as a recruiter depends on many things. Tenacity, talent, an unquenchable work ethic and a little bit of Read More

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What Our Sporting Heroes Can Teach Us About Winning

Recruitment careers, much like sporting careers, have triumphs and tragedies, good days and bad.  There are periods where your work life seems charmed, yet times where your recruitment career appears as if it has plateaued, is having a bad run, or has even gone downhill over time.     Most sporting stars can identify with […]

3 Reasons Why Your Recruiters Aren’t Staying

I started GSR2R in 2001 after ‘cutting my teeth’ in a fast-paced and target-driven recruitment environment and I have never looked back. Working in Rec to Rec we get an inside view of what is happening in the recruitment industry, especially what the key reasons are behind why recruiters leave companies- and more troubling, leave our […]

Why Having A Mentor Can Fast Track Your Career As A Recruiter

Everyone needs a coach. That’s what Bill Gates says anyway- but hey, what would he know about career success? Richard Branson is another hugely successful individual who credits much of his success to having the guidance of a mentor early in his career, and he continues to surround himself with mentors today.     Mentors […]

The 3 Secret Questions That Boost Your Billing Productivity

With so many demands on Recruitment Consultants’ time, being as productive as possible is key if you want to increase your billings.     Clever use of time is most often what separates the very successful consultants from the rest. So many of us get bogged down in to-do lists, but is that really the […]

Are You Asking For Exclusivity From Your Clients?

Because of the competition for skilled candidates, a common occurrence is for a company to engage multiple recruiters to fill vacancies. They do this for a number of misguided reasons not based on fact, including….. – Having multiple recruiters working on a vacancy increases competition and will stimulate a better standard of service – More […]

Where Are You Fishing For Your Clients?

          How do you get clients at the moment? Most recruitment agencies get them from a variety of sources: – Cold-calling: The tried and tested technique that is labour intensive but ultimately very effective at starting those conversations that lead to new business. – Incoming: Clients that come to you, as […]

A Secret Strategy Of Big Billers

There’s no tougher or more rewarding career than recruitment. You can see that by the sheer number of consultants chasing every vacancy and the amount of recruitment start-ups that are springing up at a rapid rate; the latest data says 1500 a year in the UK. Add this to a predicted market growth rate of […]

The Power Of Your Pipeline

I talked in a previous article about how top billing recruiters don’t just focus on new business, but also focus on client retention, which brings in a consistent supply of placements to fill. By doing so, they  build themselves a foundation of regular work that can free up their time to develop new business and […]