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Why Can’t Some Recruiters Recruit Their Own Talent ?

According to XPertHR, the average turnover of staff at companies in the UK in 2013 was 9.3%.  Specific figures Read More

Don’t Drop Your Fees

We’ve all been there. You’re chasing a vacancy and you’ve built up a really good relationship with the recruiting Read More

Essential Productivity Tools For Recruiters

Success as a recruiter depends on many things. Tenacity, talent, an unquenchable work ethic and a little bit of Read More

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GSR2R Easter Egg Winner

GSR2R Easter Egg Winner We had an amazing response to our Easter Egg competition last Thursday. The answer was 32 eggs in the picture. The winner was Lucy Chamberlain for C&C Search. Here is a picture of Lucy with some of her colleagues who we suspect will also tuck in! Until next year, Cheryl

Easter Quiz 2015 !

The GSR2R Easter quiz 2015 is Live!   All you have to do is guess how many Easter Eggs are in the image below. Then email zoe@gsr2r.com with the number. If you are in London we will deliver the Egg to you today when the competition ends at 4pm. If you are outside of London […]

Why You Didn’t Get That Last Senior Consultant Role

  As one of the leading Rec2Rec agencies in London, we get a significant number of consultants contacting us every week looking for our help to develop their career. Many are disappointed that despite a good start as a trainee and now enjoying experience as a recruiter, they are struggling to make the next step […]

Why 59% Of Recruiting Firms Are Looking For You

  The latest Recruitment Index figures from Deloitte and APSCo make positive reading for recruiters. If you’d like to read the full report you can download it here, but here is a brief overview: – 69% of recruitment companies are reporting an increase in net fee income over the last twelve months. – 30% of […]

Why That Client Doesn’t Want To Work With You Any More

  If you’re an experienced recruiter, you know how competitive the industry is and understand that you’re never going to be able to retain 100% of your clients. However, if you’ve started to notice more clients choosing to go elsewhere, it’s time to take action and ensure you put a stop to it. Here are […]

Hey Recruiter? Are You Being Offered What You’re Worth?

We’ve written previously about how the latest Recruitment Index figures from Deloitte and APSCo indicate that the recruitment industry is in good health. But with many firms looking to expand, 59% of them are still expecting challenges in being able to grow their headcount due to the competition for talent. In terms of salaries, this […]

Is It Time To Reassess The Way You Use Technology As A Recruiter?

The modern recruitment consultant has a variety of powerful tools at his or her disposal to make recruiting the right candidates both more efficient and cost-effective. From online job boards to a range of social media platforms, these tools have made it easier for recruiters to focus on high quality applicants, manage the entire process […]

Are You Utilising Google+ To Find Great Candidates?

If I asked you to think of social media platforms, chances are Google+ wasn’t one of the ones you thought of. As a recruiter, you will make daily use of Linkedin, and probably use Twitter and Facebook, even if only socially. So where does Google+ fit in? It doesn’t if you ask most recruiters, but […]