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How To be A Top Biller in 2016

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shutterstock_166183277 HR Recruiting: The Huge Opportunity For Ambitious Recruiters

As the economy is still buoyant in the UK the outlook for recruitment company growth is still rosy. It’s often said that recruitment organisations can be the first business sector into a recession and also the first out! This is the natural cycle of business growth. Companies might downsize during ‘tough times’ as recruitment is […]

shutterstock_122797483 Why Ambitious Recruiters Are Moving To London and Cleaning Up

Read any modern or ancient fairy tale and you will often experience the story of the hero’s journey where the lead character goes off in search of fame and fortune normally to a land far far away. It’s a story, right? Well yes and no. It’s a common phenomenon that people who are keen to […]

shutterstock_340289375 Is It Time To Make Friends With That Internal Recruiter?

The rise of the internal recruiter has provoked consternation within some recruitment agencies over the last few years, and the two types of recruiter have traditionally been wary of each other. Yet as time goes on it is becoming clear that there are real opportunities arising from creating good relationships between agency recruiters and corporate […]

shutterstock_323453423 Why Great Recruiters Understand Company Culture

In a jobseeker’s market, companies are fighting it out to attract the top talent. Yet as we all know, that’s not where the battle for star performers ends. It’s keeping that talent long-term that matters- something that can be difficult to do when competitor companies are reaching out to passive jobseekers with enticing salary packages […]

shutterstock_141719302 What Every HR Recruiter Needs To Know

Those of you who recruit effectively in the HR field understand that you’re dealing with a significantly different type of candidate than your average jobseeker. Because so much of HR revolves around hiring and company culture, you can bet that your HR candidates already know what makes a fantastic CV, they’ve probably already done some […]

shutterstock_317001434 Hey Recruiter, How Good is Your CV?

As recruiters, you spend a lot of time reading through other people’s CVs, yet how long has it been since you turned your professional eye to your own CV? In the current job market many recruiters are considering moving companies— whether for promotion, salary increase or just a change. Even passive jobseekers never know if […]

shutterstock_318071213 Do You Have The Headhunter Mindset?

Many people in the recruitment industry wish to become a headhunter, and on the surface it’s very easy to see why. Higher fees, long-term retainers and staged payments are obvious financial incentives in a competitive commissions-based industry. Yet the advantages of headhunting aren’t just financial. Many headhunters choose this field because it’s a wonderful feeling […]

shutterstock_82567669 Why You Must Promote Your Job Vacancies In The Right Way

With so many recruitment channels available, promoting a job vacancy has never been easier. Recruiters can post jobs in all manner of places, from traditional outlets like newspapers and jobsearch websites, right through to social networks like LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.   Many of these options are even free or low-cost, thereby giving the […]

shutterstock_309608888 Why Candidates Say No To Your Client’s Offer

Some recruiters work on a ‘law of averages’ approach: that is, they figure that if they put as many candidates forward for a job as possible, then one is ‘bound to stick’. However this kind of scatter-gun approach to recruiting doesn’t work in a meaningful way, particularly in the current jobseeker’s market when candidates can […]

shutterstock_258298496 What You Need To Know About The Recruitment Markets And Current Trends

The recruitment industry is in good health, with a growing economy, strong candidate mobility, and a healthy increase in jobs. With another half million jobs predicted to boost the UK job market this year, recruiters stand to enjoy a positive 2016. But the way we recruit is changing. Technology is changing, expectations of candidates are […]