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Your candidate has made it through to the second round of interviews and their prospects of success are looking good, Read More

Is It Really Worth Setting Goals This Year?

January is flying by isn’t it? For those of you that set goals, it’s definitely time to take stock of how Read More

How To be A Top Biller in 2016

With each passing year we set ourselves targets, yet we don’t need to wait for an arbitrary date like New Year’s Read More

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brand-gsr2r Struggling to Attract Top Billers? Your Employer Brand Might be Letting You Down

What is your employer brand right now? Don’t know? Think you don’t really have one? On that, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Every single recruitment company (and every company with staff, full stop) has an employer brand.   An employer brand is what every past, current, and prospective employee think about your business as a place to work. What kind of employer you are or might be, what kind of […]

set goals-gsr2r Hey, Recruiter! The Secret Strategy You Can Learn From Google On How To Set Goals

A great recruiter is a great goal setter. Actually, strike that. A great recruiter is a great goal setter and an even better goal chaser.   Which is why it’s so important to learn how to set goals that have clear, measurable outcomes matched with defined deadlines.  It also helps if they’re a bit exciting and stretch you a little (or […]

introvert-GSR2R Just Because You Are Quiet Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Get That Senior Consultants Role

Introverts can sometimes find it tough in recruitment, at times being left behind the more talkative and gregarious recruiters when it comes to promotion to senior consultant. Because introverts often shy away from the limelight and like to have time to process things, they are often thought to lack the confidence to succeed as a recruiter—particularly in a senior role.   But in truth, introverts […]

recruiter-GSR2R Successful Recruiters Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes: Do You

We write a lot about mistakes for new recruiters to avoid, but what about those of you who have been doing this for a while now? You know you’re not making the novice mistakes, but what other common traps might more established recruiters as yourself fall into? If you’ve been a recruiter for some time, yet your billing numbers aren’t great, or your […]

shutterstock_615005930 Why Savvy Recruiters Make High Commissions In The Summer

There’s a lot of potential to make money at this time of year. Mid-year performance reviews are taking place across the country, and many recruiters are thinking hard about their career progress and wondering if it’s time to make their next move. As for you; it’s time to strike. You need to make the most of this time of transience, as candidates consider their […]

billing manager-GSR2R The 5 Classic Mistakes New Billing Managers Make

Moving up to billing manager is often challenging- in the best and worst ways. You’re happy to be recognised, excited to be promoted to a position of higher responsibility, and pleased that you’re making your way up the career ladder. On the other hand, you now hold management responsibility for other recruiters’ success while still […]

midfulness-GSR2R Can Mindfulness Help You Become a Top Biller?

The US marines train with it, the Wolverine swears by it, and multinationals like IKEA and NIKE incorporate it into their employee engagement schemes. It’s been proven to reduce stress, improve clarity of thought, boost productivity, lengthen attention spans, and regulate strong emotions. It makes you happier, calmer, and a better listener. And as strange […]

culture-GSR2R Does A Company’s Workspace Really Impact Culture and Performance?

Company culture is the buzzword of our time. And no wonder: great company culture drives increased productivity and engagement, and attracts top new talent to your recruitment organisation. But how important is the physical workspace in building this positive company culture? Discussions of company culture and the physical workspace often overlap, as they combine to […]

adverts-gsr2r Do Your Job Adverts Need Some Attention?

As a recruiter, writing job advertisements is a big part of your role- but crafting an engaging and informative, concise (but yet thorough) job ad is not always easy. What is all too easy, however, is falling into writing formulaic job adverts that are largely cut-and-paste jobs from the client’s company manual, and which overwhelmingly […]

sales-GSR2R 9 Sales Skills Every Recruiter Must Master

The recruitment landscape is changing, fast. Technology is changing the way we find candidates, manage our talent pool, and approach clients. The business landscape across the UK is also altering rapidly, with increased automation, Brexit uncertainty, and economic forces meaning that every recruiter needs to keep on their toes if they’re going to remain relevant. […]