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Is It Really Worth Setting Goals This Year?

January is flying by isn’t it? For those of you that set goals, it’s definitely time to take stock of how Read More

How To be A Top Biller in 2016

With each passing year we set ourselves targets, yet we don’t need to wait for an arbitrary date like New Year’s Read More

Why it’s Important for Recruiters to Inspire their Candidates

Many jobs, and a skills shortage normally spells a lack of candidates for recruiters. We are in the grip of a massive Read More

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Following the incredible response we received from our New York referral over the past two years, we wanted to find a way to create EVEN MORE ‘WINNERS’ in 2016. With that goal in mind we are delighted to announce the first opportunity to WIN is live NOW (Jan 26th to March 31st).   The STUNNING […]

How to Guarantee Your Candidates Blow Away Their New Employer!

  We talked recently about how important it is to thoroughly check references to avoid a disaster down the line. But just as important is to check the company is a good fit for the candidate, and to prepare the candidate properly for their arrival in the new job. When you’ve placed the right person […]

How to Be a Focused Ninja Recruiter this Year!

  Focus. Just shout the world out and get on with the task at hand. It’s hard, isn’t it? Email alerts are popping up on your screen, you’ve got 8 red notifications on facebook, someone just replied to your recruitment post on Twitter, and all you can hear in your open plan office is phones […]

How good is your candidate reference checking?

  Back in the recession when jobs were scarce, recruiters checked references extremely thoroughly- after all, talent was everywhere and detailed reference checks made sure that only the very best were put forward for competitive roles. Today, the tables have turned, and talent is the thing that is scarce. As a result, some recruiters are […]

How To Help Candidates Make The Most Of Their CVs

  According to recent research, 42% of students now think that the traditional CV is outdated, preferring to shun it in preference for exciting new ways to showcase their skills- such as video, social media, and digital CVs. Recruiters are also beginning to change their techniques, with an emerging reliance on professional networking sites like […]

Is It Really Worth Setting Goals This Year?

January is flying by isn’t it? For those of you that set goals, it’s definitely time to take stock of how you’re progressing on your 2016 resolutions, and maybe adapt some of those goals to make reaching them even more likely. For those that didn’t start 2016 with an action plan, is it worth setting […]

Why You Might Lose Your Gen Y Billers

  Recruitment is a high pressure job, with recruiters facing frequent rejection and sometimes coming in for heavy criticism when they can’t deliver what the clients want. As the skills shortage increases, pressure on recruiters is increasing even further. As such, it’s not a job for the faint-hearted. A career in recruitment presents a challenge- […]

How to Keep Going Even Though it’s the End of the Year!

  Productivity plummets in December. Full of parties, public holidays and the almost inevitable food and booze hangovers, December is a month where goals are rarely achieved and things are often allowed to slip. This lack of productivity is not a good thing for the business, obviously, but it’s also not a good thing for […]

The Super-Skills of the New Breed Of Recruiters

  It’s not like the old days. The new breed of star recruiters don’t just headhunt, and they don’t just throw candidates at advertised roles. They inhabit the middle, in the brave new world of recruitment- using every bit of skill, technology and charisma they have to match good candidates together with clients. From creative […]

6 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Candidate

  In today’s market there’s a real shortage of candidates, meaning that recruiters sometimes find themselves desperate to fill roles for their clients. Of course, this shortage of quality talent leads to an obvious problem, by forcing recruiters to consider more ‘difficult’ candidates: ones that they might not normally consider. This is not to say […]