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I Love GSR2R - Case Studies

As an established award winning rec 2 rec agency we have many success stories we could share with you.

As a professional ambitious recruiter you might also want to know how we work and why recruiters consistently come back to us when they are looking for their next career move.

To answer these questions and more we commissioned a research agency to contact a number of candidates we have placed to share their story about how we have helped them through their recruiting career.

You can access all the case studies below.

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Candidate Case Study: Rowan, Marketing and Advertising Senior Consultant

Rowan joined the recruitment industry as a graduate in 2009 and spent over 3 years working with a specialist finance and accountancy recruitment company.

During his first 15 months his role was as an associate consultant making cold calls and undertaking head hunting activities.


He was then offered several seats as a Consultant and opted for a desk specialising in retail banking, which he then went on to successfully develop over the following 2 years. 

In late 2012, Rowan left the recruitment industry to purse a new opportunity in the world of entertainment as a sales and business development manager.Rowan subsequently re-evaluated his position and career path realising that he missed the world of recruitment and that his reason for leaving was because of the kind of recruitment organisation he had previously worked for. It was at this point in the late summer of 2014 that Rowan decided to make contact with a Rec to Rec.

Having used Rec to Rec agencies before Rowan had experienced;

  • Rec to Rec’s commonly focus on the ‘numbers’ not the person
  • He would be frequently asked; “Do you want to work on a desk with a low threshold?”
  • Recruiters would ask about Rowans commission and OTE expectations

    However 18 months into his earlier recruitment career, Rowan had previously been through a recruitment process and been offered a position that he decided not to take. One of the GSR2R
    team had worked closely with Rowan through the whole process and stayed in regular contact
    afterwards. Having built up and enjoyed a ‘fantastic’ working relationship with the GSR2R team,
    Rowan decided it was time to ask for their professional help.

What happened next?

  • GSR2R took the time to understand what had motivated Rowan to leave the recruitment industry and what was attracting him back
  • They discovered what kind of role he would enjoy, culture he would he thrive in and where he could he see himself staying over the next, 3, 5 even 10 years of his recruitment career
  • Cheryl at this point also uncovered how concerned Rowan was about moving back into the
    recruitment industry. He regarded it as a ‘risky’ move because he didn’t want to make the jump back into recruitment and discover he had joined a company similar to the one he left

To address this, Cheryl suggested they took a ‘consultancy’ approach. This involved Cheryl using her vast network to source roles that were an ideal fit with GSR2R then arranging for Rowan to attend a number of interviews. Together they reviewed the roles, the company cultures and his interviews and established that, ‘Yes’ Rowan did want to return to recruitment.
Through the GSR2R consultative approach they were able to identify the company where Rowan felt he could happily invest the next 5 – 10 years of his career and life.

What Rowan thought of his GSR2R experience
1. The whole GSR2R experience gave Rowan the confidence to go into interviews and be himself. He knew that the two specific roles Cheryl had identified had been carefully considered based on his character and aspirations. As a result both company cultures were a fit to his needs and likewise Rowan was their ideal candidate profile.

2. Due to the strong relationship that had been established over time with the whole GSR2R team, Rowan trusted the approach Cheryl recommended and the advice she gave.

3. The team at GSR2R are highly regarded in the industry, are informed and have a great understanding of their clients. They are also selective in who they work and where they place candidates.

4. When GSR2R talk about team work they mean it. When Cheryl was away, Mike made himself available to help and support him through his decision making process which he valued and appreciated.

Would you recommend GSR2R and why?

“I would absolutely recommend GSR2R; the value for me is that it’s a personal, long lasting relationship. I don’t feel I will ever need to go to another Rec 2 Rec because I have established
a partnership with GSR2R and they know and understand who I am. They see no value in
placing me into a business where they can get a quick win. They treat you with respect,
intelligence, they understand exactly where you are coming from and they are about creating
very suitable matches. They are so well connected I would see no need to ever go and speak to another Rec 2 Rec.”


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Candidate Case Study: Katy, Energy Recruitment Consultant

Katy was a graduate with almost two years of experience within the recruitment industry.

She had made an impressive start to her recruitment career consistently hitting her billings target and while she was enjoying recruiting, when looking to further her career Katy had begun to ask herself, “Is this the recruitment company for me?” 



Having decided to look for a new position, Katy experienced the following;

  • She was inundated with calls from Rec to Rec companies
  • Found she was investing a lot of time researching the companies and their Consultants that could help her find a new role
  • Through this research Katy found many companies were the same and talked ‘the same old Rec to Rec story’
  • She was sent job profiles that were unrelated to her background and expertise
  • Katy received other job profiles that were of no personal interest
  • In addition, Katy felt she was being pressured to take calls during work hours
    and Rec to Rec companies demonstrated little empathy and understanding of her demanding work hours which were 8.30 to 7pm, often 7.30pm

However one company did standout during Katy’s research, GSR2R.

What happened next?

Based on researching GSR2R’s website Katy decided to contact them.

  • During the initial conversation with GSR2R, Katy was invited to meet with Cheryl the next day and suggested 7.30pm after Katy had finished work. Cheryl made it clear that this was preferable compared to wasting time on the phone and subsequently sending irrelevant job details
  • Cheryl and Katy met the next day from 7.30 – 9pm
  • Based on this conversation Cheryl sent Katy information on a small number of relevant roles that she believed would be the closest match to what Katy was looking for. She then gave Katy several days to review these before they spoke again
  • This gave Katy time to think through the roles and research the companies without feeling pressured
  • When she then spoke with Cheryl they discussed which roles she preferred to be put forward for and why, Cheryl then successfully secured interviews for Katy

What Katy thought of her experience of the GSR2R process
1. Cheryl and Mike both took time during conversations with Katy to understand what Katy was doing day to day in her current role, the types of clients and candidates and colleagues
she was working with and the way she was expected to work

As a result they helped Katy understand why she felt that her current company may not be the best
fit for her to enjoy her job and develop her career further. These approaches made Katy feel that
GSR2R cared about her and she wasn’t just another ‘number’ towards their monthly target.

2. Katy valued the level of flexibility to meet and call her outside her regular work hours, in addition Cheryl and Mike in effect ‘took over’ the job searching for Katy. This was a huge relief and made the whole process painless and stress free. 

3. As this was still relatively early in Katy’s career, she was incredibly nervous about the prospect of
moving companies and making the right choice, especially as she was being very successful in her role and company.

With their vast experience and in-depth market knowledge, Mike and Cheryl reviewed each role she had been interviewed for and explained why they were different to what Katy was used to and which most closely suited her. Because of this approach Katy’s concerns were alleviated.

Would you recommend GSR2R and why?

“I would highly recommend GSR2R; in fact I have already referred 2 friends. Rec to Rec unfortunately doesn’t enjoy the best reputation in the industry. Way too few people are aware of the quality
and level of service GSR2R provide, because of the industry experience, knowledge and ability to build great client and candidate relationships. I believe if more people experienced the GSR2R service, GSR2R could change the image of the Rec to Rec industry.

I am in a job that I love, working for a start-up business which is exactly what I wanted to do.
I would never have found this job or company had it not been for the team at GSR2R”





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Client Case Study: Capstone Recruitment

Client Background

Founded by Matthew Cary, Capstone Recruitment has been operating for just over four years. Capstone is a construction and property specialist contingent recruitment firm, focusing on mid to CEO level appointments.



The areas that Capstone recruitment specialise in are; 

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Real Estate 
  • Infrastructure 


  • Employs over 50 members of staff, 
  • Operates out of a 5 locations, spanning the UK, Australia and EMENA therefore has an international reach;
  • Has established with a number of clients a reputation as a ‘business partner’, rather than a just another supplier.  Leading to continued repeat business from these clients
  • Have built up strong relationships with a variety of key clients
  • Supports a number of industry bodies including RICS, MATRICS, CICES, Land Aid and CIOB

Capstones success has been achieved by; 

  • Ensuring all consultants have a deep knowledge of their sectors, often coming from the industries they are recruiting for and are MRICS qualified.
  • All clients are met to discuss in detail the roles that are being recruited for 
  • All candidates are given an in-depth interview prior to meeting any prospective organisation

Matthew had engaged with a variety of rec2rec agencies who worked across many industries. As a result, they didn’t fully understand the specialist sector of construction. This didn’t inspire Matthew with confidence and this lack of industry knowledge was reflected in the quality of the candidates submitted and interviewed by Matthew.

The candidates were often vague and underprepared for their interviews. This led to Matthew feeling that the rec2rec companies had not only wasted his time but also created a perception that they were interested in a transactional and short term relationship based on looking for a placement fee, versus wanting to build a long term mutually beneficial business relationship.

What happened next?

Matthew Cary and Mike Kennedy of GSR2R had a prior business relationship for the best part of 10 years, initially starting when, Mike placed Matthew in his second role at Judd Farris.

Due to Matthew’s own previous experience he knew that Mike Kennedy had gained a prominent reputation within the construction field as someone who not only fully understood the sector but also had strong industry knowledge. When this was combined with Mike’s wide network of connections, that Capstone Recruitment would find beneficial, Matthew knew he needed to contact GR2R.

Matthew contacted Mike regarding the vacancies within Capstone. At Mike’s invitation, they met to discuss a detailed brief for the candidates Capstone required. The candidates Mike subsequently submitted were described by Matthew as “second to none, they were in fact a stronger skill set match to than I anticipated”.

Mike fully prepared each candidate prior to the interviews, to such a degree that Matthew felt they were so well briefed about Capstone, that they could sell his own organisation to him better than he could.

This demonstrated that Mike was adding value to the recruitment process, therefore, assuring his commitment to building a long term partnership with Capstone. Mike continued to support the recruitment process with constant and genuine communications. In between recruitment assignments Capstone have regular meetings with Mike, and his advice is described as “transparent and honest”.

What Matthew Cary (Founder of Capstone) thought of his experience of GSR2R

Feedback given from Matthew about his relationship with GSR2R; primarily with Mike Kennedy;

The key areas highlighted are as follows;

  1. Knowledgeable and highly committed consultants
  2. Suitably screened, well prepared and appropriate candidates
  3. Consultative and investigative method of extracting integral information about client needs
  4. Long term strategic standards, GSR2R value the importance of building long term, lasting business partnerships

Would you recommend GSR2R and why?

“Yes I can confidently recommend Mike and GSR2R. I’d class my relationship with Mike as a partnering relationship as opposed to a supplier, there’s constant communication during the process and it’s all about relationships, because he is in it for the long term, it’s not transactional”.

“Mike is genuine and he offers transparent and honest advice. The level of service before, during and after is second to none. It’s very good. It’s not just about the fee with Mike. He likes to do a good job and that comes across”.

“I have recommended an individual to Mike that I haven’t taken on myself or is not a good fit for construction and property, I always recommend Mike to others and I’ve got nothing to gain from that. I don’t do that for the sake of it”.

Matthew Cary

Founder Capstone Recruitment 

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Candidate Case Study: Sheryl, Accountancy & Finance Senior Consultant

Candidate Background

Sheryl was working regionally for Page Personnel within financial recruitment as a part qualified and transactional consultant.  Sheryl had been at Page for two and a half to three years and felt she was ready to look for new opportunities that would allow her to;



  • Have more ownership of her work,
  • Be empowered to make business decisions,
  • Work in a less structured environment that would allow her to use her creativity and act on her own initiative

A year prior to this, Louise Coxon of GSR2R had viewed Sheryl’s profile on LinkedIn and made contact, they subsequently exchanged emails on a regular basis. At the time Sheryl was not
looking to move companies.

Prior to connecting with Louise, Sheryl’s experience with recruitment to recruitment companies was poor. Agencies would often call her on her work phone and didn’t demonstrate any understanding of what type of company and role she was looking for or why she was looking for a new opportunity.

The conversation’s that Sheryl had with a number of other recruitment to recruitment companies were quick and very sales orientated rather than a consultative approach that she favoured.

Sheryl was clear she wanted to stay inside financial recruitment as she enjoyed it.  When the time felt right for Sheryl to make the transition to a new opportunity she had built up a relationship with Louise so she got in touch. 

What happened next?

Louise and Sheryl spent the following month having a series of conversations that were open and honest and happened in a consultative style which Sheryl responds to and reflects her own preferred style as a recruiter.

This approach allowed Sheryl to look at and assess other businesses; exploring what she thought of them and how she would fit in each company. They then discussed the most relevant opportunities that matched her skill set, ensuring that it was the right role and move for her.

Louise then introduced Sheryl to a small number of companies who each invited Sheryl for interview. Based on Louise’s knowledge and her understanding of what Sheryl was looking for to develop her recruitment career further the first interview Louise arranged was with a company that was the closest fit and match, both for herself and Louise’s client.

Louise then assisted Sheryl to prepare for the interviews. Louise provided;

  • The back ground to each company MD and Senior Managers, the owners and the company environment
  • A description of what the company were looking for in a financial recruitment consultant
  • A summary of what she should highlight in the interview
  • A list of what to ask so that when the interviewer answered Sheryl would know that this backed up what Louise had also been saying

Having met the interviewing manager at the first company Sheryl immediately connected with them and felt it was the ideal role and company for her. As a result she didn’t feel the need to go for interviews elsewhere.

What Sheryl thought of her experience of GSR2R? 

Sheryl describes her experience of working with Louise throughout this stage of the process as;

“In a nutshell I felt that Louise was like a life coach for approximately a month, we had some very open and honest conversations.”

“Louise was able to match what I was looking for to the tee and for the opportunity to be so good that it was worth moving for.” 

Would you recommend GSR2R and why?

“Louise’s approach allowed me to make the safest decision to move from Page”.

“Louise has a consultative approach and her understanding of the financial market, plus the fact that she ensured that I was fully briefed before the interview means I would recommend GSR2R, specifically Louise who has excellent industry knowledge. In fact, I have made two recommendations and I suggest GSR2R to anyone I know and for them to give Louise a call. My boyfriend has passed on her number on to another 3 or four people.”

“Having made the move, I am heading up a sector and I am now responsible for a virtual team. This is enabling me to make a bigger impact in both this team and equally within my sector.  I am more of a specialist within finance. I have a lot more autonomy than before. After only seven months I am now a qualified financial recruiter and thoroughly enjoying my new role.”


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