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Public Sector

Would you like to work in a recruitment sector that has literally millions of vacancies to recruit into? Did you know that the public sector alone makes up over 20% of the UK workforce? The opportunity for hard working recruiters is huge.

You will already know that working as a recruitment consultant, will bring you untold rewards, both in terms of job satisfaction and your financial compensation. Provided of course that you are working with the right recruitment company, recruiting into a sector that interests you.

So here is a fact for you that few recruitment consultants realise, Public sector recruitment covers everything from:

  • Local Government
  • Central Government
  • NHS trusts
  • Healthcare
  • Medical
  • Housing
  • Charity, not for profit
  • Education

There will always be a need for the public sector to recruit. The NHS is still the biggest employer in the United Kingdom, followed by the government and education.

Add to this the fact that more people are looking for jobs in this sector and you appreciate the opportunity waiting for you. It’s called supply and demand.

There is a steady demand with plenty of positions to fill with higher quality candidates that are actively looking for jobs and careers in these sectors. This makes hitting your billings so much easier.

At GSR2R our clients are recognised as some of the best public sector recruitment companies. Being listed in the Sunday Times fast track 100,and shortlisted for the recruitment awards.

Public Sector recruitment has flown under the radar in the past few years. With many recruitment consultants building impressive and lucrative careers.Recruiting within the Medical arena, Defence, Education and Charity sectors provide stable sectors for recruitment professionals to work in. At the same time they are fascinating areas to be involved in that are often at the cutting edge of making our word happen. Many people don’t appreciate that the Public sector is at the forefront of change and can expose its recruiters to industries at the heart of our community. Working in care and people focused industries gives added benefits to recruitment consultants. Many recruiters we place comment on how rewarding and gratifying it is to place candidates into roles where they will truly make a difference.

So how come we know so much about Public Sector recruitment industry? Rec 2 Rec is our world and we are specialists in this field.AtGSR2R we started our Public Sector Recruitment to Recruitment team in 2001. This made us one of the first to recognise this recruitment sector as both interesting and exciting to recruit into. At GSR2R we have built long standing relationships with the key players (premium brands) within the public sector market.

Many of our clients are multi-site with international offices. This means they can offer recruitment consultants like you, long, rewarding and challenging recruitment careers overseas.

Making the move towards achieving your next career goal is where we will step in GSR2R make the journey of finding your new job in public sector recruitment easy.

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