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Technical and Construction

When you get up every morning and look in the mirror, do you feel excited for the day ahead? Or is there a post-it note saying, ‘I must find a new job!’ The good news is Rec to Rec is our world at GSR2R and we understand the recruitment industry and the challenges that you face every day. We also know about the fantastic opportunities that are out there waiting for you. Finding a new job doesn’t have to be tough. GSR2R is here to help make your decision to find a new role an achievable one. At GSR2R our Construction, Property and Engineering sector is growing rapidly both in the UK and globally.

Iconic structures such as the Shard transforming London’s skyline demonstrate the continuing growth of the property industry in the UK.

Our recruitment agency clients that work in this arena provide staffing solutions to UK and international consultancies, contractors and private practices, on both a permanent and freelance basis. If you have never considered working in this recruitment sector, think again. It is huge.

Construction, Property and Engineering

Being one of the largest recruitment sectors both in the UK and globally, there were around 194,000 construction firms in the UK in 2009, each employing between 1 and 1200 people, equating to over 2.2 million employees. By now you will realise the opportunity this brings for savvy recruiters.

This industry still receives orders worth billions each year from both the private and public sectors. You will appreciate what a buoyant market this is when you realise that there are over 1000 recruitment agencies working in this sector across the UK alone. The market is permanent and contract led. Placements are made in all areas and roles range from a blue-collar labourer to CEO level. This sector is VERY active overseas especially in the Far East, Middle East and Australasia. The Construction recruitment sector is a professional sales environment dealing with white-collar professionals supplying commercial, production, technical and administrative staff to contractors and developers within the UK built environment. As you consider the benefits of working in this sector you might like to know that at GSR2R we have relationships with recruitment agencies at every level, from branded names to smaller specialist companies. This is both internationally and in the UK.

Making the move towards achieving your next career goal, whether you are starting out in this sector or wishing to specialise and develop your career as an expert in the market, is where we can help. Let GSR2R handle finding your new job in the Construction recruitment sector.

Are you ready to work in one of the largest recruitment sectors? Wonder if you have what it takes? 

Call Mike NOW on 020 3889 1672 and find out about the opportunities we have on file right now waiting for you. Mike has been recruiting into this sector since 2002.

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