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4 Steps to make each day count

Recently I asked myself and the recruiters, managers, business owners I work with these questions and found that everyone was busy and achieving BUT not focusing consistently on the things that we needed to do to make our goals inevitable. What most said was “I can’t afford to take time away from my desk or my team – I need to be billing!” It’s difficult to justify stopping even for a few minutes. The thing is this, whatever your results, your current business situation is a reflection of the decisions you have made about how you invest your time in the past. If you want a different set of results, you need to change your focus and your time. So I thought it would be useful to give you some simple steps to help you:

  • Get Clear what Specifically you Need to be Focusing on RIGHT NOW
  • What you Need to be Doing Consistently to Make your Goals Inevitable

Step One:

Imagine its 90 days from today and you have touched a “magic wand” to your business and everything is just the way you would like it to be. What will be happening, what have you achieved? What can you see, hear and feel? As if it’s happening now. Write your thoughts and feelings down in the present tense as if it’s happening now.

i.e. “It’s 27th July and I have a team of self motivated productive people billing consistently over their targets….“ or “It’s 27th July, I have £30k worth of starters on the board and a strong pipeline of business moving forward..“

Step Two:

As you look at your vision, ask yourself: “What are the key actions or priorities that I need to do consistently that will make my outcome inevitable? What things do I need to be focusing on consistently to make my outcome inevitable?” Write these key actions/priorities down – making them Specific, Measureable, Realistic and Timed (SMART)

Step Three:

Weekly – STOP and take time away from your business to review. With your vision and key priorities in mind ask yourself these 3 Questions:

  1. What have I achieved this week in relation to my vision? What have I got done? What things have I moved forward on?
  2. What have I not done that is business critical to achieving my goal? And what are the steps that need to happen to move forward with these?
  3. What are the 3 most important things that I need to complete this week or next to move me forward powerfully?

Step Four:

Daily – either the night before or first thing in the morning ask yourself: “What are the 3 most important things that I need to complete today to move me forward powerfully?” So there you have it – 4 Steps to Make Each Day Count. When you do this consistently, I promise that you will notice your productivity, motivation and results will go through the roof! Brownies honour!

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