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After looking at our site you will have got a good feel for who we are.

Recruiting recruiters only works if you have an honest and upfront attitude towards your clients and candidates. In our sector the phrase you “can’t kid a kidder is very relevant!”

GSR2R’s team are hard working, we are dedicated to our service and being the best in the market we make sure that we strive hard to consult to everyone we speak to. We all work towards our personal goals as well as the companies goals whilst having fun along the way.

Hear from the team at GSR2R past and present:

Mike Kennedy:
At Gsr2r everyone strives to be the best and to do our best for our clients and candidates.  Everyone has fun but are also serious about making deals and providing a great service.  We work long hours which shows everyone’s commitment to the company and we are well rewarded.  We work closely together and support each other, covering each others desks as if they were our own.  Whenever there is a problem we always find a solution and move forward positively.  Working at GSr2R is well rewarded and we have lots of brilliant incentives from small prizes to trips overseas including LA!  If you are dedicated, hard working and know how to enjoy yourself then GSR2R is the best place to work.

Kate Morgan:
I was interviewing through GSR2R when they asked me to interview to join them. Having been wowed by the service and personable approach I decided I had to go and when they offered me the job I accepted without hesitation. I have been here just under a year now and really don’t regret my decision, I’ve received some excellent training and have felt myself grow as a consultant. Like any job in recruitment it can be challenging but the rewards definitely make up for it. For me, the best thing is working for a really ethical business who are passionate about what they do, and I genuinely believe we provide the best service to our clients and candidates.

Claire Pinney:
I used to work in Recruitment as a Consultant but after 4 years I realised that it wasn’t for me. Cheryl had previously placed me so I called to explain my situation to her and she amazingly said that GSR2R had a vacancy for a hybrid role of PA and Office Manager which is what I was looking to do. Since joining in August 2010 I haven’t looked back! Working at GSR2R is always exciting, it is a really busy environment with the team working really hard to give the best service to their candidates and clients. Cheryl looks after us very well and rewards us fantastically with great monthly and quarterly incentives for the whole team to enjoy together.

Kristie Aked:
I worked for Cheryl for nearly 4 years at GSR2R. Not only was GSR2R a fun and inspirational place to work with constant incentives and support it was also a progressive environment. Cheryl always listened to my ideas, was keen to progress my career and did so in the right direction for my passions and strengths. GSR2R have ethical values and a thorough recruitment process which stand them so far apart from their competitors. Cheryl and the team really care; both in regard to their internal relationships with each other and externally with candidates and clients. I never even considered working for anyone else in the R2R sector. I would highly recommend GSR2R as an employee, candidate or client.

Cheryl Wing:
One of the benefits of being the owner of GSR2R is that I get a say in who joins the team!  I can heartily say that today we have outstanding, passionate recruiters who are a joy to work with on a daily basis. It always surprises me how the team go out of their way daily for both their candidates and clients. Working in a candidate driven market is tough and means we work later than most, however we start later, so if you hate the early starts our hours would be a bonus to you. Joining GSR2R isn’t a life style choice, it’s a career choice; you will be supported fully so that you can do your best at all times. We offer an adult environment where we celebrate our successes all of the time, be it a team dinner, going to LA or our yearly day out at Christmas. We would love for you to be an addition to our successful team, if you would like a chat please contact me.